Tunian Talents United (TTU) Association was created on 11 October 2016. The founding members of TTU created it with the aim to identify, attract, develop and coach    Tunisia’s greatest young talents and potential future leaders from cross sectors and worldwide. We are bringing together local and international Tunisian professionals to share their global experience, know-how and guidance across a series of forums, workshops and engagement platforms, which will inspire and steer the next generation of futures leaders. United by our unwavering core values of integrity, excellence, and civility, our vision is to inspire and affect change that will contribute to a brighter future of our great country, Tunisia, through the development and empowerment of our human capital. We are focusing on what we can impact most: learning, skills, employability, and networking. Our goal is to shape Tunisia’s talent base, so it becomes globally competitive, highly demanded, and capable of positively impacting Tunisian economy.

Our Vision

Tunisian Talents are globally competitive, highly demanded, and capable of transforming the country and     connecting it to this century. Focus on what we can impact most, and that is Learning, skills, employability and networking

Our Mission

Enabling and connecting Tunisian talents and leaders to the future, transforming the building blocks of the    country through human capital, impacting positively people’s lives.

Our Strategy

  Create a sustainable platform to attract, develop and coach best in class Tunisian talents and visionary leaders.

  Define the Values and Criteria for compliance. • Provide full transparency to Tunisian society through TTU good governance.

  Earn Tunisian people’s trust and confidence through tangible actions & deliverables to drive positive change.

  Establish communication vehicles to widely reach Tunisian population to raise awareness and change mindset.

  Maintain independence through self-financing as a nonprofit organization by its members and its initiatives.

  Set best in class standards for Tunisian Talents and Visionary Leaders.

Our Core Values


It is the highest-level value that can describe any ideal individual. It covers honesty, authenticity, compliance, transparency.


The fundamental fuel to talent and society development is in educating, continuous development and benchmarking to the best models.

Respect civility

Respect for the mission at hand and its criticality, respect for others, respect for laws and policies, respect for society and civility.

Work values

Achievement, Independence, Recognition, Relationships, Support and Working conditions

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