What We Do

It is with tremendous pride that I introduce the Tunisian Talents United (TTU) Association. The founding members of TTU, created the association in 2016, with the aim to identify, attract, develop and mentor /coach Tunisia’s greatest young talents and potential future leaders. We are bringing together local and international Tunisian professionals and leaders from across the globe and from different sectors. With the aim to share their experience, know-how and guidance across a series of forums, workshops and engagement platforms, which will inspire and steer the next generation of future leaders.

We are united by our unwavering core values of integrity, excellence, civility and work values; and driven by our ambitious vision: “Tunisian Talents are globally competitive, highly demanded and capable of transforming the country and connecting it to this century”.

We are focusing on what we can impact most: learning, skills, employability and networking. Our ultimate goal is to inspire and affect change that will contribute to a brighter future of our great country, Tunisia.

Our clear mission is Enabling and connecting Tunisian talents and leaders to the future, transforming the building blocks of the country through human capital, impacting positively people’s lives.

As an independent apolitical organization, TTU is devoted to contribute to a better future for Tunisia and its citizens by valorizing its strong talent base. TTU’s objectives is to actively contribute to meeting Tunisia growing need for talented leaders across sectors that will help ensure sustainable economic growth in a highly competitive 21st century globalized economy.​

With the founding members living in country and abroad, we have made an effort to have sufficient diversity of gender, skills, experience, age, as well as a geographic representation from across Tunisia. Together, we bring more than five hundred years of rich and diverse local and international experiences. The past three years the group has been growing slowly but surely  with prominent members, while extending its global network. Our intention is to continue building-up effectively this nucleus through a structured platform, with a solid and sustainable foundation, into hundreds of talented and successful visionary leaders that will transform Tunisia’s major challenges into great opportunities.​

We look forward to continue welcoming new members who are ambitious professionals and leaders, both juniors and seniors, who share the same values and commitment, to actively contribute on a voluntary basis to TTU’s long journey in turning our vision into reality.​

Nejib Zaafrani, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of TTU​

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