Ms Intissar Chaabani

Ms Intissar Chaabani – Treasurer , Recovery Manager Esprit

Intissar Chaabani received an MBA degree from IAE Paris & Paris Dauphine in 2015. She also holds a master’s degree in E-commerce & International Procurement and a bachelor’s degree in international commerce, both from the Higher Institute of Commerce, Tunisia.

Since January 2016, she has been the Credit Manager and the EMBA program coordinator at ESPRIT University, Tunisia. In her role as Credit Manager, she

particularly oversees the proper operation of the debt collection services and has put in place many initiatives to mitigate and prevent non-payment risks. Prior to that, she held various administrative positions at ESPRIT including Student Affairs Officer and Manager at the office of Internship and corporate relations.

Intissar is actively engaged in various volunteering activities and community service projects, which she finds most rewarding experiences.

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