T.T.U has as a priority: The creation of a sustainable platform to attract, develop and coach the best Talents and visionary leaders for a better future of Tunisia of the 21st century. Development and implementation of a short-and medium-term action plan with Activities defined by T.T.U in order to deliver tangible results. And create an added value for Tunisian society.
To provide af ramework for its activities, to welcome new members, and to benefit from Financial support or sponsorships, TTU undertakes to comply with this CODE OF ETHICS.

Tunisia is the priority and core value of T.T.U

The economic and social progress of Tunisia, aimed at balance and sustainability, is the central value Inalienable of all our actions.

T.T.U is an apolitical organization; our action is impartial. TTU has no other goals than The achievem ent of its own objectives. Members should never involve the name of TTU In their professional or other activities, except in the strict Objectives of TTU and as part of its action plans. In particular: under no circumstances should the nameOf TTU be associated with any partisan or political activity, whatever its nature. Members undertake to comply with TTU’s communication policy “

In accordance with the laws, T.T.U stands at a distance from all forms of power, preserving itself from all influences as well as interference in its actions.

T.T.U is open to all skills, its members come from all sectors Activities and all trades. No criteria of location, age, gender have been defined, the Only watchword is the valorization of the talents and the resources of each one.

T.T.U undertakes to provide sincere, complete, clear and coherent information on All of its activities.*Financialtransparency:T.T.U undertakes to operate in full financial transparency (keeping accounts, balance sheets Sources of funds andresources,etc….)

T.T.U will enrich and / or amend this code in accordance with the resolutions adopted at the Governing Board of Directors meetings

All members are required to comply with this Code of Ethics, in the event of no compliance, The Governing Board of Directors reserves the right to take such action as it deems necessary.