The exciting start of the journey: Call for a change

On the 5th of June 2015, the international Tunisian business leaders and industry experts called on government to implement immediate reforms. The meeting took place in Vienna, Austria, with the theme: “Tunisia 21st Century Sustainable Development Imperatives”. The aim was to discuss the Tunisian government’s challenges to implement economic reforms, attracting foreign direct investment and spurring sustainable economic growth. The forum participants included over 100 Tunisians and international experts from government, business and civil society. The group addressed issues and offered proposals for consideration. This outstanding group gathered their ideas and shared rich local and international experience and global overview into discussing Tunisia’s urgent needs in various fields such as: National security, Education, Healthcare, the Energy sector and Economy. The group put their time and efforts together to generate a sustainable document that was sent to the attention of the three Tunisia Heads of State in July 2015.

When ideas are translated into projects and executed, dreams come true!

Driven by the need for making a better world to future generations in Tunisia, the team didn’t give up. It was clear for all of them that Tunisia has major challenges of leadership with the absence of a clear vision of the future. In May 2016, more than twenty Tunisian talents resident in Tunisia, USA, Europe and UAE, had a two-day retreat in Korba – Tunisia. They reached full alignment on the core values, vision, mission, strategy and objectives of the Tunisian Talents Association. They decided to found the association “Tunisian talents united (TTU)”.

The idea is to gather diverse backgrounds, leadership styles, and experience journeys to create a powerhouse to incubate, support and groom future leaders. The founding members of TTU created the association with the aim to identify, attract, develop and coach Tunisia’s greatest young talents and potential future leaders from

various sectors. We will bring together local and international Tunisian professionals from across the globe to share their experience, know-how and guidance across a series of forums, workshops and engagement platforms, which will inspire and steer the next generation of future leaders. In October 2016 TTU Association has been legally and officially created, JORT 11th October 2016. A public announcement, through a press release, has been issued in early December 2016.

TTU Founders

  1. Mohamed Abdelkader: Former Managing Director of Sonatrach –ETAP JV „ Numyd“ . – Tunis, Tunisia
  2. Salha Amara: Former executive VP Orange france- – Tunis, Tunisia
  3. Aida Araissi: Founding Director, Bilateral US-Arab Chamber of Commerce, TEACH Fellowship, Insight to Africa- Houston , USA
  4. Ahmed Bassalah: Former country chair and managing director Shell – Tunis, Tunisia
  5. Ridha Bellamine: Managing Director, Sales & Services, Middle East Industrial Scientific. Abu Dhabi – UAE
  6. Sarra Ben Ammar: petroleum geoscience engineer . Tunis- Tunisia
  7. Raouf Bouchamaoui: Managing Director Bouchamaoui Industries . – Tunis, Tunisia
  8. Belgacem Chariag: President Global operations at Baker Hughes- Houston USA
  9. Fethi Ben Grira: Chief Executive Officer of Mena Corp Financial Services LLC. Dubai, UAE
  10. Kawther Chatti: Professor at Tunis Univeristy , Faculty of Humanities and Social sciences
  11. Tarek Chkhioua: Advisor- ETAP . Tunis , Tunisia
  12. Mohamed Lamine Dhaoui: Former Director, Business Investments and Technology Services Branch, UNIDO . Vienna, Austria
  13. Nabil Felah: strategic communication advisor – Sens critic. Marseille- France
  14. Anis Ghamgui: Managing Director chez Natixis Global Asset Management, Dubai , UAE
  15. Hosni Ghedira: Director at Research Center for Renewable Energy Mapping and Assessment at Masdar Institute. Abu Dhabi UAE
  16. Mongi Goaied: General Secretary and founder of Tunisian dutch chamber of commerce and industries and former commercial communication Manager Total Tunisia. – Tunis, Tunisia
  17. Abdessalem Loued: CEO huilerie loued. Agro business expert.  Tunis- Tunisia
  18. Mohamed Rezgui: Director, Facilities Programs & Quality Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi UAE
  19. Bouthaina Tlili: Associate professor of Electrical Engineering at Rochester insitute of Technology Dubai – UAE
  20. Chadli Triki:  General Manager SEAM- Tunis, Tunisia
  21. Nejib Zaafrani: former  CEO and secretary general of Dubai supreme council of energy  , Former Chairman and managing director Shell – Abu Dhabi. UAE