Belgacem Chariag

Belgacem Chariag – Co-founder

President, Chief Executive Officer and Board Director at PQ Group Holdings Inc.

Before joining PQ Corporation, a leader in the industrial and chemical sector, Mr. Chariag has led a distinguished career marked by nearly three decades of experience in the industrial and oil and Gas sector.

He served as the Chief Global Operations Officer of Baker Hughes, a GE company until January 2018. Prior to that, Mr. Chariag was Vice President and Chief Integration Officer for Baker Hughes, leading the company’s integration efforts during its proposed acquisition by Halliburton for $35 Billion. Previously, he was President, Global Products and Services for Baker Hughes. The portfolio covers all upstream and downstream product lines and technology, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain. It also includes the global integrated operations as well as the company’s chemical and industrial portfolio. Prior to that, He served as President of the company’s Eastern Hemisphere operations from 2009 until 2013.  He is also officer of the company since 2009. The geographical responsibility covered over 80 countries in Africa, Europe, Russia Caspian, Middle East and Asia pacific.

Before joining Baker Hughes, Mr. CHARIAG spent 20 years with Schlumberger where he last was Vice President of Health, Safety, Environment, and Security for the company. He was also President of the Well Services business line, and Marketing Vice President for Europe, Caspian, and Africa. He also held a variety of leadership and management positions for the company, including; Managing Director in Egypt, East Africa, and the East Mediterranean, as well as a variety of management, field operations, and technical support positions around the world. Mr. CHARIAG career to date has been exceptionally rich. He has worked and lived in several countries worldwide which include Angola, Congo, Egypt, France, Netherlands, Qatar, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and USA. This exposure helped him develop a great understanding of several cultures namely, African, Middle Eastern, European and North American. He has also had good exposure to Latin American, Asian, and Russian cultures through interaction with people and high-level business dealings and transactions during his career.

Mr. CHARIAG earned a Bachelor of Science degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Master of Business Administration degree in global energy from the University of Calgary. He also completed several senior management development programs among which in Finance, people development, global energy, and technology innovation at IMD, Oxford, and MIT.

With such a fantastic career, Mr. CHARIAG developed distinguished skills in organizational transformation and effective leadership together with a strong passion for people and innovation. He carries a profound belief in diversity and inclusion and an unconditional commitment to talent development. He firmly believes that coaching and mentoring young talent is a duty and that it is the current successful and experienced leaders’ turn to give back to the society.

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