Our Vision

Tunisian Talents are globally competitive, highly demanded, and capable of transforming the country and connecting it to this century.
Focus on what we can impact most, and that is Learning, skills, employability, networking...

Our Mission

Enabling and connecting Tunisian talents and leaders to the future, transforming the building blocks of the country
through human capital, impacting positively people’s lives.

Our Strategy

- Create a sustainable platform to attract, develop and coach best in class Tunisian talents and visionary leaders.

- Define the Values and Criteria for compliance.

- Provide full transparency to Tunisian society through TTU good governance.

- Earn Tunisian people’s trust and confidence through tangible actions & deliverables to drive positive change.

- Set best in class standards for Tunisian Talents and Visionary Leaders.

- Establish communication vehicles to widely reach Tunisian population to raise awareness and change mind set.

- Maintain independence through self financing as a non profit organization by its members and its initiatives.