Membership Selection Process

Profile and Compliance of Member

• Apolitical

• University Graduate preferably with honors

• Demonstrated superior performance with head room

• Possess Leadership Skills

• Comply with TTU core values

• Perform voluntary work

• Have good Ethics

Knowledge and Experience of Member

•Possess knowledge of great value to the Association

•Learn from experience in order to improve its future contribution

•possess a breadth of information across businesses

•have a great understanding of Citizens needs and expectations

•have a good understanding of Tunisia Challenges

• keep him or her self up to date and abreast of changes globally and in Country

•Have excellent track records in delivering results locally and /or internationally

Drive and Energy

• Persevere in the face of obstacles and disappointments

• volunteer to be involved in challenging and high profile projects

• Take the initiative to explore new ideas and ways of working

• Prepare to rise to new challenges even when it may be outside his or her area of expertise

• Work dynamically and is committed to deliver results on time to the expected standard

• Influence and persuade others, taking people with him or her

• Motivate others through projecting energy, enthusiasm and vitality

Membership Application

Interested applicant should send his/her short Bio & CV to small TTU committee for consideration (email: In return an Application & Code of Ethics forms will be sent back for filling up and signing.