Saturday 03 February, 2018

(JORT du 11 octobre 2016. N ° 122.)

Eight months after the official launch of the Tunisian Talents United (TTU Association, its second workshop was held on Friday, January 26th, 2018 at Novotel Mohamed V Tunis. Titled:

« Human Capital & Leadership »

About 50 Tunisian Talents, with international profiles coming from three different continents (North America, Europe and the Middle East) and from Tunisia, participated actively in this workshop by sharing their experiences, success stories and “know-how” in the fields of: Human Capital and Leadership, in order to accelerate Tunisia progress.

During the opening speech, The Guest of Honour, His Excellency « Dr. Slim Feriani », Minister of Industry and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), and active member of TTU, highlighted the importance of the Tunisian Talents and young leaders, thanks to their greatest potential, for the future of Tunisia and its economic development. His Excellency congratulated the members of TTU association for their initiative in mobilizing Tunisian Talents from different parts of the world, in order to share their experiences and contribute to the coaching of Tunisian Talents and Leaders for their future successes at both national and international levels. Besides, His Excellency « Dr. Slim Feriani » shared his own professional journey and provided recommendations. He underlined that “a model Tunisian Leader” should start his or her career and success story from Tunisia towards the international market.

Through his welcoming message, « Mr. Nejib Zaafrani » President of TTU, reiterated the values and the vision as well as the mission of TTU. He also mentioned that this workshop on « Human Capital and Leadership » is the cornerstone of TTU to turn its vision into reality in the coming years.

This workshop brought together outstanding participants (Talents, Promising Leaders and Stakeholders) highly qualified and having great experiences in the field of: leadership, entrepreneurship, coaching and mentoring. They have particularly focused their efforts on the best leadership practices in the world. The workshop program * has been mainly divided into two sessions:

  • The morning session was covered by presentations dealing with the leadership state of the art at the international level, including a Tunisian case study on Leadership. This session was respectively animated by: « Mr. Wassim Karkabi » from Stanton Chase (UAE); « Mr. André Guyard » from Global Leadership Support (France) and « Mr. Lotfi Saibi » from 4DLH (Tunisia). Actually, the main objective of the morning session was to identify the gaps between the international leadership benchmark and Tunisian leadership practices. The main outcome is the necessity to specify urgent guidelines to upgrade the Tunisian leadership profile and push it to the level of best in class to become highly competitive in the international arena.

The leadership concept would be accomplished with the respect of the gender parity, which is the essential value of TTU association. In this context, the innovative and ambitious Tunisian Entrepreneur, artist and architect « Mrs. Naziha Mestaoui » was sparkly illustrated the international influence of leadership that the Tunisian Woman is able, comparing to her counterparts at the global level. Her experience is combining « Architecture & Technology » and « Environment & Art » using digital 3D Technology .

  • The afternoon session was organized into five coaching and mentoring round tables, exclusively for TTU members. Each group was composed respectively by: a coach and a mentor with three promising Tunisian Talents. Ambitions and coaching requirements have been well-defined, oriented and managed by appropriate action plans.

Following this workshop on “Human Capital & Leadership”, the fifteen promising talents will benefit, in the coming months, with a personalized coaching program, under the direct supervision of the TTU co-founders. They will look after these fifteen potential leaders, the achievement of their ambitions and goals, in Tunisia and at the international level, with a fundamental rule: “Never go down the threshold of the universal standard”.

The detailed program of the 2nd TTU workshop on “Human Capital & Leadership” and any further information are available on the TTU website: