3rd December, 2016
Contact: Chedli Triki ctriki@gmail.com

Tunisian Talents United (TTU) Association Takes Off…

Tunis, Tunisia- December 3rd, 2016: Today, the Tunisian Talents United Association (TTU)
was officially created by its founding members. The Association, which aim to identify,
attract, develop and coach best in class Tunisian talents and visionary leaders, will bring
together local and international Tunisian talents from all over the world to share their
experiences and know-how for advising, guiding and inspiring young future leaders of
Tunisia through Forums, workshops and other means.

TTU’s objectives is to actively contribute to meeting Tunisia growing need for talented
leaders and high profiles across sectors that will help ensure sustainable economic growth
in highly competitive 21st century globalized economy.

TTU founding members elected Mr. Nejib Zaafrani as President of the Association, alongside
with Mr. Belgacem Chariag as Vice President and Mr. Chedli Triki as Secretary General and
Mr. Ahmed Bassalah as Treasurer.

Mr. Nejib Zaafrani, TTU President, said, “we will focus on what we can impact most and that
is learning, skills, employability and networking. Tunisian talent base is globally competitive,
highly demanded, and capable of positively impacting Tunisia’s economy. As an
independent apolitical organization, TTU is devoted to contribute to a better future for
Tunisia and its citizens by valorizing its strong talent base,” added Mr. Zaafrani.

Mr. Belgacem Chariag, TTU Vice President, expressed that TTU mission is to Enable and
connect Tunisia’s talents and to build a network that can create the necessary building
blocks that will leverage Tunisia’s strong human capital to positively impact the economy
and society.

Mr. Chedli Triki, TTU Secretary General, said “We are committed to meet our objectives in
turning TTU vision into reality, and focus on activities of strategic priority to create value to
our society and make a difference by capitalizing on our country human capital.

Mrs. Aida Araissi, Member of TTU Governing Board, said “At TTU, we are united by our
unwavering core values, which are: integrity, the pursuit for learning, respect for civility and
a strong work ethic. »