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« It is with tremendous pride that I announce the establishment of the Tunisian Talents United (TTU) Association. The founding members of TTU, created the association with the aim to identify, attract, develop and coach Tunisia’s greatest young talents and potential future leaders. We will bring together local and international Tunisian professionals from across the globe to share their experience, know-how and guidance across a series of forums, workshops and engagement platforms, which will inspire and steer the next generation of future leaders.
United by our unwavering core values of integrity, excellence and civility, our vision is to inspire and affect change that will contribute to a brighter future of our great country, Tunisia, through the development and empowerment of our human capital.
We will focus on what we can impact most: learning, skills, employability and networking. Our goal is to shape Tunisia’s talent base so it becomes globally competitive, highly demanded, and capable of positively impacting Tunisia’s economy. »

Nejib ZAAFRANI (TTU Co-founder & President)

US Arab Bilateral Chamber of Commerce, Houston Texas. Friday July 6th, 2018.


That is what TTU is about

Diverse backgrounds, leadership styles, experience journeys create a power house to incubate, support and groom future leaders.

A panel of leaders that represents a mosaic of profiles, backgrounds and experience. They are great sample of how success is created and an inspiration for others. Most of all, they are willing to share their views and connect with talent through TTU to mentor and advise unconditionally

Belgacem CHARIAG
TTU Co-founder & Vice President